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Internet Merchant Account - The Gateway Payment Connection

The Gateway Payment Connection is a secure web server that provides an interface for merchant websites that require real-time transaction processing. The merchants either have an SSL server or not and can connect via http with the payment gateway to get a real-time credit card card authorization. The Payment Connection is NOT a plug-in to software packages purchased by merchants, but rather a series of scripts that reside on our Secure Payment Servers that provide an http interface for the merchant website to connect. The Gateway Payment Connection does nothing more than fetch an authorization and pass that information back to the merchant server. It is up to the merchant to do whatever pre and post-processing that is required, such as storing order information, sending email invoice notification, and logging of transactions. Payment gateway information such as the most popular gateways can be found on this website.

Gateway (Quick Reference)

What is required of you in your shopping cart?
Having the Gateway package allows you to create the shopping cart interface. You must be able to use the POST method to send the required information to a cgi script of ours. There are two different cgi scripts to connect to, the difference between the two is detailed below:


1. Process.cgi:
The process.cgi script url is sent with you in your Gateway setup email. You would want to use this particular script when you DO NOT have a secured web page. Credit card information' must be entered into a secured page, the process.cgi script requires certain information from the page that is connecting to it. The process.cgi page will also ask the user for their billing information (including credit card). The variables that must be pass to the process.cgi script are:

**Note that the bold-faced words are how the variables need to be name (case sensitive)

1. Merchant - merchant name assigned by us
2. OrderID - unique order ID
3. total - US dollars without '$'
4. email - billing email address (optional)
5. URL - the website in which we will redirect the user after transaction

2. Direct.cgi:
The direct.cgi script is for merchants who will be taking the user's credit card information on their own secured server. The direct.cgi script requires the merchant to POST the below information:

1. Merchant - merchant name assigned by us
2. OrderID - unique order ID
3. total - US dollars without '$'
4. URL - the website in which we will redirect the user after transaction
5. Cardname - type of credit card
6. Cardnum1 - first 4 numbers on card
7. Cardnum2 - second 4 numbers on card
8. Cardnum3 - third 4 numbers on card
9. Cardnum4 - fourth 4 numbers on card
10. NameonCard - name of cardholder
11. Cardstreet - street of cardholder
12. Cardcity - city of cardholder
13. Cardstate - state of cardholder
14. Cardzip - zip code of cardholder
15. Cardcountry - country of cardholder
16. CardexpM - expiration month, format ex: 04
17. CardexpY - expiration year, format ex: 01
18. email - email address of customer (optional)


What will you return back to me for both the process.cgi and direct.cgi?

Our script will use the GET method to return the following information to the
URL that it was given:

1. OrderID
2. total
3. Status - will return 1 if success, 0 if failed
4. approval_code - approval code returned by bank
5. authresponse - authorization response returned by bank.
6. avs - address verifcation service returned by bank.
7. Cardname
8. NameonCard
9. Cardstreet
10. Cardcity
11. Cardstate
12. Cardzip
13. Cardcountry
14. Email


What is the Gateway API?

To utilize the gateway API and obtain a credit card authorization, you must have obtained a merchant credit card processing account through us at one of our accepted processing networks. Your Web server or transaction server MUST be capable of performing an https (SSL) silent post to our transaction servers and receive that data, not in the form of a URL but as a text string that can be parsed for results.

What to I need to POST toyou?

 Key          Value

merchant (Merchant name assigned by us)
password (Merchant password assigned by us)
operation_type Auth
total (In US Dollars. Example 59.99 No $ signs.)
cardname (Visa, Amex, Discover or MasterCard)
cardnum1 First 4 Numbers on Card
cardnum2 Second 4 Numbers on Card
cardnum3 Third 4 Numbers on Card
cardnum4 Last 4 Numbers on Card - 3 digits for Amex
cardexpm Card Expiration Month - Format MM
cardexpy Card Expiration Year - Format YY DO NOT SEND XXXX (example 2001)
nameoncard Card Holders Name
cardstreet Card Holders Billing Street
cardcity Card Holders Billing City
cardstate Card Holders Billing State
cardzip Card Holders Billing Zip
cardcountry Card Holders Billing Country



What do you send back to me?

We send back a pipe(|) delimited string with the following values:

     String Value               Return Codes

Indicates Authorization Approved.
Indicates Authorization Declined.

Authorization Code Generally a five or six character code sent by the bank.
Authorization Response The Successful or Declined message from the bank.
AVS Code Address Verification Code signifying matches in the card holders address.
Order ID Echoed back from the server that was provided in the secure POST.

What does your response look like?

Successful Response:
1|411111|Authorization Approved|Y|123456-1

Declined Response:
0|ND|Invalid Card||123456-1 *Note - that no AVS field on declines.


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