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We offer one package that includes everything you need for the low rate of $19.95 per month ...with no set up fees or long term lease. Your ecommerce package will come with the following:

internet merchant account -
Every merchant who wishes to accept credit cards online needs to set up a special internet merchant account. This is an actual bank account which enables the credit card networks to route funds to you. We have set up relationships with numerous banks to offer you the best rates.

internet merchant store - our shopping system provides you with everything you need to start selling online. Includes: webstore builder, shopping cart, built-in gateway, tax calculator, shipping rates, product picture uploads and much more. Our intuitive shopping system doesn't require you to know any HTML or programming to use it.... if you can type, you can open your own internet store. See our Service Explorer for more details on all the types of merchant accounts we support. And just because our software is simple to use, that doesn't mean that it isn't powerful, or flexible.... your internet store can be set up based on your skill level as a computer user.  There are three levels tailored for your particular skills -- beginner, intermediate and advanced.  If you are new to computers, you may want to start with the beginner level and pick a more advanced level as you feel more comfortable. Options like this makes it easy for anyone to build their web site online.

online management of your account - We offer you a simple online administration terminal to manage your transactions. This online, password protected terminal replaces the swipe machine terminal found in traditional business when you want to manually charge a card. The administration terminal also serves as a database that allows you to Batch, Return, Void, and Review all transactions that are processed to your account, either through your Online Shopping cart, or when you manually process a card using the Virtual Terminal.

secure website hosting - We offer reliable hosting for your website and internet store. FTP Accounts Include:

* 50 MB of space - additional space: $15 a month for each additional 50MB
* use of your own domain name (see below)
* CGI-BIN - allow you to Read and Execute PERL and CGI Scripts - you can add folders yourself in the root directory of your FTP account with 'Read' and 'Write' permissions
* Front Page Extensions - per Merchant request (no additional charge)
* ODBC connection - per Merchant request ($40 setup fee per connection), we only host a Microsoft Access Database
* No Audio, No Video, No Live Streaming

E-Mail Accounts Include:
* 5 free E-Mail accounts - additional accounts: $15 a month for each additional set of 5 accounts; additional accounts only come in sets of 5
* 1 free Catchall account - a 'catchall' account is a special type of user account to which all E-Mail for the domain that is not intended for any of the other existing POP accounts on the domain is sent by default. e.g. An E-Mail is intended to be sent to but is accidentally sent to (an account that does not exist) that email will end up in the catchall account instead of just 'lost' in cyberspace.

'Buy this Product' Button Creator - 'Buy this Product' Buttons are image links that allow customers to automatically link into the shopping cart process upon clicking the button. Just type your products or services with their prices into the 'Buy this Product' Button Creator, then 'Cut & Paste' the created buttons into your web page(s) using an html editor. It is the fastest way to ecommerce enable any website or email. You can either use an image that you've designed so that it matches the theme of your site, or select one of our predesigned buttons.

The Gateway Payment Connection (for programmers only) If you have put together all of the pieces, and are looking for an easy way to deploy a secure payment gateway, our Gateway Payment Connection is for you. For $49.95 per month, you get the Payment Gateway, Virtual Terminal (preloaded), and Merchant Account (also preloaded.)

The Gateway Payment Connection is a secure web server that provides an interface for merchant websites that require real-time transaction processing. The merchants either have an SSL server or not and can connect via http with the payment gateway to get a real-time credit card card authorization. The Payment Connection is NOT a plug-in to software packages purchased by merchants, but rather a series of scripts that reside on the Secure Payment Servers that provide an http interface for the merchant website to connect. The Gateway Payment Connection does nothing more than fetch an authorization and pass that information back to the merchant server. Our platform supports all major processing networks and is compatible with retail service networks like and also high risk platforms like ems and ez merchants. It is up to the merchant to do whatever pre and post-processing that is required, such as storing order information, sending email invoice notification, and logging of transactions. For more information, click here

domain name registration (not included) - We have partnered with ICANN accredited registrars in order to walk you through what can be a confusing process. Once you register your name here you can activate hosting with us at any time. Click here to register your domain name


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