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Our primary focus is providing merchants, like you, with the ability to process credit card transactions online. This is done by setting up your business with an "internet merchant account"... which is nothing more than an actual bank account which enables the credit card networks to route funds to you.

To get a merchant account, you need to apply for it... but don't worry... the application is self explanatory and simple, and we have implemented very lenient guidelines for approval. (There are a few merchants, who for various reasons will not be able to acquire a merchant account. This is typically out of our control and is decided by the underwriting bank based upon risk assessment. However this is very uncommon as 98% of the applications we submit are approved.)

If you are approved, we can also set you up with integrated web hosting packages which come "pre-installed" with our shopping cart software, and "pre-configured" to deposit funds into your merchant account. This turn-key option is perfect for small and medium sized businesses, and those without programming knowledge. If you already have hosting elsewhere, you can either link into the remotely hosted internet store (which is included in our packages) or have your programmer use our payment gateway to make your own shopping system functional. Please note we are not able to accomodate "high risk" merchants at this time due to restrictions from our underwriting bank. Please click here for an alternative solution.


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